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July, 1933 Company founder Isaburo Takeyasu established Zeniya Aluminum Engineering in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, and started manufacturing household aluminum containers and other aluminum products.
November, 1948 Incorporated as Zeniya Aluminum Engineering, Ltd., which was established at 18 Nishisaraike-cho Nishinari-ku, Osaka City with one million yen in capital.
October, 1953 Zeniya expanded its business to the new field of electric equipment manufacturing as the subcontract factory for major home appliance manufacturers.
October, 1957 Jyuso Factory was established in Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka City
April, 1962 A stamping factory was established in Ikeda City.
April, 1966 A buoy factory was established in Ikeda City.
August, 1972 Zeni Lite Buoy Co., Ltd. was established.
August, 1973 Zeniya Ocean Service Engineering, Ltd. was established.
November, 1973 The Head Office building was completed in Ikeda City, and head office functions were moved into the new building.
July, 1974 Buoy Consultant Co., Ltd. was established.
May, 1978 Zeniya Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. was established.
December, 1978 Capital was increased to the current amount of 132 million yen.
May, 1981 The Okayama-Tamashima Factory was opened.
December, 1983 President Isaburo Takeyasu took up the post of Chairman of the board of directors, and Vice-President Kazuo Takeyasu took up the post of President.
November, 1988 The West Stamping Factory was established in Ikeda.
December, 1994 The Jyuso Factory was closed.
April, 1995 Parking and coin-operated car wash facilities were opened at the site of the former Jyuso Factory.
April, 1997 The name of the Buoy Department was changed to Okayama-Tamashima Department.
November, 1998 President Kazuo Takeyasu took up the post of Chairman of the board of directors, and the Vice-President Tadashi Takeyasu took up the post of President.
March, 2000 Head Office/Ikeda Factory acquired ISO9001.
January, 2002 Head Office/Ikeda Factory acquired ISO14001.
July, 2003 Okayama-Tamashima Department acquired ISO9001.
December, 2005 Chairman Kazuo Takeyasu stepped aside, and took up the post of Corporate Advisor.
2008 The 60th anniversary ceremony was held.
A factory began operation in Chang An Town. Dongguan City, China under the license of CODON, which is a Taiwanese company.
The CSR Promotion Department was established to manage centrally ISO9001, ISO14001, health and safety, intellectual property, and regulatory compliance issues.
2010 The Qian Da Wu Jin Zhi Pin Chang was established, and the operations of Factory #1 and #2 began in Chang An.