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Our company, Zeniya Aluminum Engineering Group, was founded in 1933 as a major aluminum processing manufacturer and business began in 1948 with the establishment of Zeniya Aluminum Engineering, Ltd.

At the start, we manufactured and distributed mostly aluminum household utensils, and after that we established our Deep Drawing Press Technique which is applied to even fabrications that need very precise press processing technology. Our engineers have devoted themselves to research and development of various press processing technologies for aluminum, our core product, as well as stainless steel, titanium, etc., in response to the increasing needs from our customers in recent years. Thanks to further research in the field of design, precision machining, welding, surface processing, assembling, inspections, and measurements, we have become able to successfully produce new product lines and respond to our customers' demands, which resulted in us earning an excellent reputation from customers both domestic and overseas.

In addition, we are proud that we have highly-skilled welding engineers in the field of the processing and fabrication of plates and that we also focus on the education of our junior staff.

In 1963, Zeni Lite Buoy Co., Ltd. developed Japan's first simple light buoy (the Takeyasu-type simple automatic blinking light buoy) in order to advance the cutting-edge of aluminum products. This buoy is the origin of all todayユs buoys and its application has expanded over a broad range of fields such as for channel marking, fishing, observation, etc. Our development capabilities and technologies regarding these diverse aids-to-navigation products have earned us an excellent reputation among customers from around the world. We utilize information technologies and take pride in playing an important role in global water safety.

And furthermore, Zeniya Ocean Service Engineering, Ltd. has continuously researched and developed float bridges, dam driftwood collection nets, water quality control facilities, vegetation floating islands, etc. in the field of marine development for preservation of waterfront environments and partnerships between human and waterfronts, and provides assistance with the preservation of the environment.

Now that the pace of the times has accelerated, society requires from us quality of a much higher level. Zeniya Aluminum Engineering Group is always willing to meet the needs of today and have devoted ourselves to create new values for this new era.

We look forward to your interest in our activities at Zeniya Aluminum Engineering Group and to your continued guidance and support.